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June Box

June Box

  June, 2022: Summer Color! This month, we're featuring brand NEW, colorful toys and treats from Oxbow! The Hide Box Hanger is a fun foraging toy that is designed to hang on any enclosure. Foraging and enrichment is crucial to your piggies' happiness and well-being. Toys like this encourage them to use their instincts and problem-solve! Your box contains: Hide Box Hanger...
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June Box

June, 2021: The Summer Fun Box  Summer's here! The grass is green, the temp is up, and the piggies are ready to play! We wanted to PACK your boxes FULL of toys to encourage play, so that's exactly what we did this month. Your box contains: Hippie Van by Guinea Pig Tanks Crazy Shakers by Oxbow Woody Combo by Oxbow Bell Pepper...

The Lovers Box: 1-2 Piggies


The Herd Box: 3-5 Piggies


The Piggy Pouch: Just the Basics


The Ultimate Box: 6+ Piggies