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This Month's Box!

This Month's Box!

Every month, this is where you'll be able to see the contents of the box, some extra information about them, and why we chose to include what we did! Scan your "Hay There!" card each month to learn more.       January, 2023: Happy New Year! Your box contains (while supplies last): Oxbow Baked Pepper Treats Oxbow Hide n' Wobble (NEW) Oxbow Apple Stick Dangly...
January Box

January Box

January, 2022: Enrichment Box Are we tired of the snowy weather yet? Cabin fever, anyone? This box is sure to bust your boredom, and your piggies' too! We packed these boxes full of extra toys for the pigs, including a Timothy Waffle, Stix & Hay, Curly Vine, and our favorite Banana & Apple Treats. And piggy parents- we didn't forget about you:...

The Lovers Box: 1-2 Piggies


The Herd Box: 3-5 Piggies


The Piggy Pouch: Just the Basics


The Ultimate Box: 6+ Piggies