This Month's Box

June 2024

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What's Inside the Box?

While supplies last, you'll enjoy:

    Exotic Nutrition Hay Cubes - A whole POUND of hay cubes is A LOT of hay-chewing fun. Promotes healthy dental habits and great for digestion!

    Oxbow Hay Forager - Hang it up and stuff with all the hay your piggies desire. Let them rummage through the pouch to pull out their favorite pieces.

    Squeaks & Fur Apple Stick Twists - Made from apple tree twigs and water hyacinth, this is an extra tough chew toy for piggies to enjoy.

    Oxbow Celebration Cake - This crunchy cardboard toy is easily detroyed and fun to chew! Our herd's favorite.

    Oxbow Celebration Pom Pom - Another colorful and fun chew toy- it's sure to keep your piggies delighted for hours!

    Oxbow Timothy Wand - A heavenly treat that's packed full of marigold and timothy hay. A delicious snack that also promotes healthy teeth!

    WHEEEKLY Care Sheets - Always included to keep you organized and accountable. After all, we're responsible for ensuring our pets are clean, happy and healthy!

The Herd and Ultimate boxes have multiple quantities of some items. Piggy Pouch contains different items.

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What our FURRIENDS say:

Genessa W.

I absolutely love gpig box! I look forward to seeing an email saying my box shipped and then I anxiously wait for it to arrive! They always send different items and I have yet to find something that my piggy doesn't like. Thank you!

Jennifer B.

My piggies love their box! We have a male and female that live separately. I am always worried about giving them fun toys to stimulate their playand this box was fabulous for them!

Miranda C.

This box is so much fun! I love that I don’t waste my money on toys that my pig might or might not like. Instead, I’m getting toys and extras that other pigs have tried and liked. So far my pigs have loved everything they’ve gotten! I’d recommend this box to all pig lovers!