The Lovers Box: 1-2 Piggies
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    The Lovers Box: 1-2 Piggies

    Get 5-7 items. Free shipping USA. Pause, skip or cancel anytime.

    The Lovers Box: Toys, Treats, and Bonus Surprises

    Why settle for boring when you can get a box overflowing with love? Our Lovers Box is packed with exclusive goodies for our subscribers. From toys to treats and even sometimes a special gift for YOU, it goes way above and beyond! Perfect for 1-2 piggies, because love should never be limited.

    PS: Got more piggies? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our Herd Box!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 408 reviews
    Michelle B
    So much fun

    My daughter and her piggies love getting their box each month. She can’t wait to open it and the pigs absolutely love everything they have received so far. We are on our third or fourth month and plan to continue to subscribe!

    Autumn Vargas
    Toys and Treats

    The toys were very unique and my pigs love the treats that came with to add to the toys. I love watching them explore their new things.

    Jessica Larmon
    Quality items

    My Guinea pigs loved the items in the box. I did feel it was a bit repetitive as we received multiple items with applewood sticks and two different corn husk based toys. Variety would be good.

    Kate Polerecky
    Great box of fun!

    My guinea pigs, I have 2 of them LOVE the toys in the GPig box. They are happy, which means I am happy.

    Erin Craig
    So fun!

    This was so fun! My kids don’t interact with our guineas and they were so excited to open up what they got and give it to them! This was the most they’ve interacted with them in a while! Definitely worth the purchase.