How to Cut Guinea Pig Nails

Your guinea pigs' nails are constantly growing. In the wild, they would have many opportunities to file naturally, but when they are domesticated it's rare they can file them down in their home. Not to worry though- we have simple, easy steps to help you keep their nails trimmed.

We know- this part of piggy care can be REALLY stressful. Everyone worries about accidentally cutting a nail too close. Nobody wants to make their piggy bleed! Well, don't worry- we've got an awesome technique we want to share with you below! Keep reading!


We like to use the clippers that are specifically for small pets and have a rounded groove blades. You can also use human nail clippers as an option if you do not have the small animal clippers on hand.

The Styptic Powder or Cornflour is used to help stop the bleeding if you accidentally cut your piggy's quick.

A hand towel can be used to help wrap them up and stay comfortable.

The treats will be used to help them focus on something else and also offer as a reward.

If it's difficult to see a headlamp or flashlight may be useful. 


  1. Place your piggy on a soft surface, somewhere sturdy. You may want to place a hand towel on the floor, or in your lap for them to sit on.
  2. Offer their favorite snack to them to keep them a little distracted while trimming!
  3. Position your piggy so their back is supported, but their legs are accessible. I like to put them in my lap and lift their front quarters up slightly so they're standing on their back legs.
  4. Grab your clippers and position them on the nail. I like to use the "Pinch, Pinch, Clip!" method. Squeeze the clippers slightly, twice, without cutting the piggy nail. This will allow your piggy to pull away if they feel any pain (if you're too close to the quick). If they do not struggle, then clip the nail off. This is most helpful for piggies with dark nails, when you cannot see the quick!

And there you have it! Good luck with your next nail trim! Let us know how the "Pinch, Pinch, Clip!" method worked for you!


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