How to Pick Up Your Guinea Pig

HAY there, furriends! We get lots of questions on handling guinea pigs, so we made a REEL on Instagram to show you some best practices.


Tips for picking up your guinea pig:

1. Try not to bring your hands over the top of your piggies. Guinea pigs are prey animals, so they naturally fear things that (can) grab them from above. Try to keep your hands on their level and move slowly. Hand-feeding will help your piggies associate your hands with GOOD things!

2. Put one hand under your piggy, just behind the front legs, and use the other hand under their bum. Always support your guinea pig's bum. Why? Their spines are super sensitive! Never put a piggy on their back or over extend their back.

3. Hold them close so they feel secure.

Check out the REEL here for a demo!


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