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August Box

August Box

  August, 2022: Garden Fun This month, we're featuring a brand NEW, enrichment toy from Oxbow! Foraging and enrichment is crucial to your piggies' happiness and well-being. Toys like this encourage them to use their instincts and problem-solve! Your box contains: Play Garden (NEW) Carrot Dill Treats Colorful Dangly (NEW) Circle Chaser Ball (NEW) Timothy Twists Custom GPigBox Printed Card 4 Wheekly Care...
guinea pig subscription box august

August Box

August, 2021: Discovery Box  Bored piggies = sad piggies. Keep your furry potatoes entertained and engaged with this month's featured item: the Pull & Seek! Your box contains: Oxbow Pull & Seek Interactive Toy Oxbow Hay-O Timothy Round Oxbow Apple Rounds Baked Veggie Treats - Simple Rewards by Oxbow Jody's Caramel Popcorn (FOR HUMANS ONLY - NOT FOR PIGS) Sleepy Pig Pile Sticker 4 Wheekly Care...

The Lovers Box: 1-2 Piggies


The Herd Box: 3-5 Piggies


The Piggy Pouch: Just the Basics


The Ultimate Box: 6+ Piggies