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    The Ultimate Box: 6+ Piggies

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    River Andrews
    Happy weekie babies

    My piggies love peppermint cookies so much and the games were so fun!

    Michael Englehart
    Great box

    We ordered the big box one time to try it out. Great variety, pigs love it. I will definetly order again!!

    Love it

    All our piggies love everything

    Niki Morris
    Perfect for every guinea pig parent

    It's already hard enough to find good options for guinea pigs as it is...but knowing that every month someone has put together a goody box with safe, healthy, fun and guinea pig specific products for me and all 8 of my guinea pig babies is a game changer! I know how much it is going to cost every month and I know when it will show up every month and now my piggies know when I open up the GPBox it is for them! The wheeks of joy and excitement make me happy every time! I love that there is also something included for me to use as well. Sometimes a sticker but always the chart cards to keep records on their care. Best monthly box service out there!

    Miss Runner
    Love the box

    All my piggies love the toys and treats in the boxes! I love the human treats.