guinea pig eating hay from apple stick hay feeder
Apple Stick Hay Feeder - Enriched Life
Apple Stick Hay Feeder - Enriched Life
Apple Stick Hay Feeder - Enriched Life
Apple Stick Hay Feeder - Enriched Life
Apple Stick Hay Feeder - Enriched Life

    Apple Stick Hay Feeder - Enriched Life


    Stuff the Oxbow Apple Stick Hay Small Animal Feeder with pieces of hay and watch your four-legged friend nibble and gnaw the day away. This toy helps enrich your guinea pig’s life with interactive play that’s meant to excite and engage. The Feeder is paw-fect for hanging in your best bud’s cage with stuffed hay to offer irresistible textures and tastes. Help nurture your small sidekick’s mind and body through an instinctual accessory that encourages tons of squealing delight. The Apple Stick Feeder is also great for your rabbit or other small animal.

    Guinea pigs need unlimited access to hay. Use this item in addition to providing hay at ground level for them to easily access!


    Key Benefits

    • A stylish accessory with a purpose—great to hang in any small sidekick’s habitat.
    • Fill with hay and watch your best bud munch and munch at the treat inside, he’ll also love the chewable sticks that make up the feeder!
    • An innovative design was created to meet your pet’s instinctual needs.
    • Encourage mental and physical enrichment that any small furry friend can benefit from.
    • No need to worry, this toy was made with safe, natural materials.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    kim bowles
    Loved it!

    My piggies absolutely love this! I will be ordering another once they chew this one all up!

    Jamie Baines
    My hay box

    Easy hay box

    LOVE IT!

    My girls love love LOVE this feeder. It keeps them entertained and they are so happy to be able to feast all day!

    Barbara Bower
    He's not thrilled

    It's a nice hay enrichment piece, it's just that my lil guy isn't so into it

    Hay there! We guarantee that your piggies will love everything in the box, so if he doesn't, please reach out directly so we can exchange it for something he'll love :)

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