Plush Foraging Toy - Blue Bird
Plush Foraging Toy - Blue Bird
Plush Foraging Toy - Blue Bird

    Plush Foraging Toy - Blue Bird


    Bust guinea pig boredom with this ultra soft and cute foraging toy! Stuff some of your piggies' favorite treats or pellets into the pouch on the back and let your FURriends figure out how to get them out.

    Foraging and enrichment is crucial to your piggies' happiness and well-being. Toys like this encourage them to use their instincts and problem-solve!

    Customer Reviews

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    April Askew
    Guinea pigs best friend!!

    My guinea pigs love the blue bird and the yellow duck! It's their best friend. After they fi dand eat the treats out of them, they snuggle with them. It's so adorable!!!

    Barbara Bower
    Gave to my dog

    My piggie didn't care about it

    Archie loves it

    I wasn’t sure how a guinea pig would manage to use a plush toy but my Archie loves it. It helps him eat slower and gives him a little challenge!

    Jamie Miller
    Love it !

    My piggies love the foraging toys! I’ve put pea flakes in them as well as their vitamin c treats.. works great for a boredom buster!

    Kat U
    Enrichment Toy

    I'm not sure if my guinea pigs ever played with foraging toys such as this prior to me adopting them. So it was a little tough to teach them that there are goodies in the toy. Once they figured out what I was showing them, it was super fun seeing them try to get treats out of the toy! They have to figure out how to stick their noses and mouth in there to get what they want. Very cute and fun to watch. And fun for them to work through it!