hay basket filled with toys and treats
hay basket empty top view
hay basket empty bottom view

    Hay Toy Basket


    Keep your best bud's toys and treats organized with this Hay Toy Basket. Full it up and set it where your bun can reach all of his toys. Made from completely safe materials, your piggy can chew this basket to his heart's desire.

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    Basket only. Toys and treats not included.

    Key Benefits

    • Encourages play and chewing to enrich your buddy’s life.
    • Made with 100% pet-safe and natural materials.
    • Gives your fur baby a proper outlet for her need to chew and keep her teeth properly worn.
    • Paw-fect as a special occasion like your little one’s birthday!
    • Great for chinchillas, bunnies and guinea pigs.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Elizabeth Marzillo
    Great deal

    So happy with my new hay basket for my 3 piggies. They love it.

    Judy Branning
    Thumbs up for the hay toy basket

    My guinea pig Dwight loves the hay basket and spends about just as much time in that basket as he does in his little house.

    Kristen Davies
    Great for Hay

    I use the basket for hay and it works great. Our piggies do not chew the basket.