September Box

September, 2021: Treat Treasures

Piggies are happiest when they're entertained and engaged! We wanted to feature a treat discovery toy this month- the Treat House!

Your box contains:

  • Oxbow Treat House Interactive Toy
  • Oxbow Hay Bundles
  • Oxbow Orange Slice
  • Oxbow Maraca Chew (BONUS ITEM)
  • Cranberry Treats - Simple Rewards by Oxbow
  • Custom Waterbottle (For Humans)
  • Flavor of the Wheeek! Custom Card
  • 4 Wheekly Care Sheets
Ginny and Pidge LOVE foraging for treats, veggies and fruit. After some practice, they've become PROS at pulling them out of the Treat House. Get pigtures of your piggies playing and make sure you tag us on social media!

If you love these items, and want them delivered in your next box, add them to your cart and use promo code "INMYBOX" at checkout to have them included in next month's box. This will alert our team to add it, and it'll waive your additional shipping fees.

As always, we love seeing your posts and videos. Be sure to tag #gpigbox on Instagram and Facebook... we just may feature your piggies on some upcoming Wheekly Care Sheets! ::popcorns::

We'll see you next month! Give all the chin scratches to the pigs for us!

-Nicole, Ginny & Pidge


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