March Box

Every month, this is where you'll be able to see the contents of the box, some extra information about them, and why we chose to include what we did! Scan your "Hay There!" card each month to learn more. 

March, 2022: Fun is Coming!

We packed these boxes full of extra toys for the pigs, including the Play Pom, Woody Combo, and Timothy Surprise! And don't forget, and awesome hide-and-seek toy that guinea pigs everywhere love: a special model from Guinea Pig Tanks - The UK Mini Car!

Haven't seen Guinea Pig Tanks before? Check it out by clicking here.

And here's an assembly video for a model car similar to this month's Mini! 

And to make thing a little sweeter, we included our piggies' favorite dried treats- strawberries!

Your box contains:

  • Oxbow Play Pom
  • Oxbow Timothy Surprise OR Crinkle Barrel
  • Oxbow Timbells
  • Dried Strawberries OR Dill Carrot Treats
  • Cardboard UK Mini Car - Guinea Pig Tanks (NEW)
  • Custom GPigBox Greeting Card (NEW)
  • 4 Wheekly Care Sheets

If you love these items, and want them delivered in your next box, add them to your cart and use promo code "INMYBOX" at checkout to have them included in next month's box. This will alert our team to add it, and it'll waive your additional shipping fees.

As always, we love seeing your posts and videos. Be sure to tag #gpigbox on Instagram and Facebook... we just may feature your piggies on some upcoming Wheekly Care Sheets, Hay There Cards, and more! ::popcorns::

We'll see you next month! Give all the chin scritches to the pigs for us!

-Nicole, Kati, Jess, Ginny, Pidge, Winnie, Gertie, and Blanche

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