July Box

Every month, this is where you'll be able to see the contents of the box, some extra information about them, and why we chose to include what we did! Scan your "Hay There!" card each month to learn more. 

July, 2021: It's Guinea be a Good Summer Box 

It's HOT out there. Stay cool with some fun, interactive toys and treats for YOU and your piggies.

Your box contains:

  • Oxbow Timothy Popsicle
  • Oxbow Loco Ball
  • Oxbow Wobbly Ring Stack
  • Organic Barley Treats - Simple Rewards by Oxbow
  • Guinea Glasses Greeting Card
  • Nacho Popcorn (FOR HUMANS ONLY - NOT FOR PIGS)
  • Custom "Guinea be a Good Summer" Koozies (2)
  • 4 Wheekly Care Sheets
Ginny and Pidge can't get enough of the Organic Barley Treats and the Oxbow Timothy Popsicle. Even though piggies can't have human food, it's fun to pretend that they're cooling off with a popsicle of their own.

We didn't forget about you either- spice up your pallet with our flavor-filled NACHO cheese popcorn made by Jody's Popcorn (NOT FOR PIGS). You may remember Jody's popcorn from the March box? Yep, these are the same folks. Many of you asked for more, so we spiced it up a little bit! While you're munching on your popcorn, put your cool beverage of choice in your NEW custom Koozie! And share the second one with a friend... unless you're double fisting... nobody will argue with that ;)

If you love these items, and want them delivered in your next box, add them to your cart and use promo code "INMYBOX" at checkout to have them included in next month's box. This will alert our team to add it, and it'll waive your additional shipping fees.

As always, we love seeing your posts and videos. Be sure to tag #gpigbox on Instagram and Facebook... we just may feature your piggies on some upcoming Wheekly Care Sheets! ::popcorns::

We'll see you next month! Give all the chin scratches to the pigs for us!

-Nicole, Ginny & Pidge
at GPigBox.com


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