April Box

April, 2022: Spring Has Sprung!

 We're bringing you one of our favorite featured items of all time... the Organic Wheatgrass Grow Kit - and it's a THREE PACK! Grow plenty of greens for your herd and keep your piggies' digestive tract in tip-top shape!

Keep in mind, if your piggies haven't had this before, slow introductions are best. But we know they're sure to love it!

Your box contains:

  • Organic Wheatgrass Grow Kit - 3 Pack
  • Oxbow Cranberry Treats
  • Oxbow Orange Slice
  • Oxbow Apple Rounds
  • Oxbow Crazy Hay Ball
  • Custom GPigBox Greeting Card
  • 4 Wheekly Care Sheets

If you love these items, and want them delivered in your next box, add them to your cart and use promo code "INMYBOX" at checkout to have them included in next month's box. This will alert our team to add it, and it'll waive your additional shipping fees.

As always, we love seeing your posts and videos. Be sure to tag #gpigbox on Instagram and Facebook... we just may feature your piggies on some upcoming Wheekly Care Sheets, Hay There Cards, and more! ::popcorns::

We'll see you next month! Give all the chin scritches to the pigs for us!

-Nicole, Kati, Jess, Ginny, Pidge, Winnie, Gertie, and Blanche
at GPigBox.com


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